About us

Robinson Distribution Inc., headquartered in Frisco, TX is a leader in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, throughout the US and in select markets globally. We provide professional Advisory Services support to our clients in every aspect of Capitalization, Operations Start Up, Acquisitions, Expansions, and Divestitures. Our goals are to align your value chain processes and costs with the services that your customers expect. We believe that strong domain expertise grounded in operational experience should lead every new initiative.  Our experience has consistently shown that industry specific best practices, and tight process methodologies should always come before technology, thus “Make it great…then automate” is our Mantra. After the right processes have been defined RDI works with clients to recommend proven technology tools that enable the specific desired results. Today, with over 25 years of experience, RDI is proud to have successfully implemented numerous solutions on behalf of previous clients and in various industry verticals, and select geographies around the world.

Solutions developed and implemented by Robinson Distribution Inc. range from best practice manual processes to fully automated real-time applications such as:  web-order fulfillment, CRM, Social Media, and various Supply Chain Planning and Execution applications. As general contractors and system integrators, Robinson Distribution Inc. and its partners plan, designs, implements, and services Hosted TMS and WMS networks using industry specific best of breed processes and monitoring tools.  We work with best of breed point solution providers in each industry we serve. We validate each offering before recommending it to our client so that we can therefore stand behind our recommendations.

Robinson Distribution Inc. seeks long term partnerships because market conditions and business realities change continuously.  Through our customer support activities, we guarantee to be there to help our clients adapt to change when we are needed.