Our Team

Steve Robinson has accumulated his expertise in the field of Logistics and Supply Chain Management for over 25 years. He is well known as one of the significant contributors to Wal-Mart’s tremendous Supply Chain success having served in several capacities for the world’s largest company. Most notably as the former VP of Supply Chain Management, VP of Global Logistics, VP of Merchandising Logistics, Director of Corporate Traffic, and Director of Private Fleet Administration. His vision and creativity powered the Wal-Mart Supply Chain transformation during the company’s critical expansions into the Grocery industry, and later led all logistical initiatives in support of Wal-Mart’s international expansions into Germany, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, China, and Korea.

As a technologist, Steve Robinson presided over what many feel is the standard for Supply Chain Technology for retailers and manufacturers, as the Executive Vice President of Product Strategy and Product Marketing for Software giant i2 Technologies. In this role he and his teams engaged the tackled the toughest and most complex problems for the best run Supply Chains across the Fortune 500.

As the former CEO of Air Road Express a leading 3pl provider, his many contributions paved the way for the sales and ebidta growth that led to the eventual acquisition of the company.

With a broad and deep supply chain experience, his perspectives are unique. He possesses a 360 degree view on the total integrated Supply Chain. Having presided as the largest corporate shipper for many logistics companies, his exposure to world class replenishment and inventory management, combined with his experience as a software and technology provider, and further informed by his years as both an asset and non-asset based service provider makes him one of most well informed and in demand experts on the Retail Supply Chain.

Robert Bruce is an industry leading authority on retail demand and supply chain integration, optimization and collaboration. He has led the design, implementation and adoption of major best practices with some of the leading retailers and manufacturers in the industry.

His Walmart career is marked by visionary leadership that defined the next level of industry best practices from strategies, initiatives and operating tactics that supported Walmart’s competitive advantage and price value leadership. Over this period he led the design and implementation of a consumer driven supply chain emphasizing product flow through to store shelf leveraging velocity, information sharing, and trading partner collaboration and systems integration to dynamically manage consumer demand with supply.

Through his leadership initiatives as Customer Response (QR), Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Co-Managed Replenishment and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR), Collaborative Transportation Management (CTM), Trading Partner Business Collaboration, as well as, Supply Chain Synchronization and Optimization have all undergone wide spread adoption.

Previously, Robert was IT Strategist and Planning Systems Architecture with Hewlett-Packard concentrating on refining business processes enabled with solid technologies and best in class philosophies and, methods. Prior to HP he was Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Risk Management at Marsh helping to define and develop within this company a Supply Chain Risk Management consultancy. He is one of the founders of Factory2Shelf, Inc. an integrated demand and supply chain process and software provider and is Senior Partner of Retail Practice DRS Senior Retail Advisors.

Mr. Bruce is also known as the “Father of CPFR”, serving as the original Chairman of the VICS/CPFR Subcommittee, guiding the industry Vision and direction on process, metrics, and data standards. He was chosen as an outside expert advisor to Alan Greenspan and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System on Retail Inventory Management Practices and Direction.

Justin Robinson has worked in the field of Business Development for over 7 years. A Married father of two, he has strong expertise and background in the fields of finance, media, and information technology. Justin has a solid track record of engaging with Fortune 1000 and major private sector organizations fostering a solid reputation for building lasting relationships, integrity and value. While working for global retail banking and finance giant Citibank, he’s studied and engaged some of the most robust financial product offerings and business solutions to diverse business clients. Holds a series 6 and a series 63 securities license, and is also a licensed Insurance Broker in the State of California. His experience and exposure to hardware, software and media solutions shapes his unique perspective to business needs and requirements. With this strong background, Justin has implemented a business development strategy that delivers to each client results favorable to the organization’s strategy for growth and overall mission.

Mohammed Alsein has extensive experience in supply chain strategy development and performance improvement, with over 15 years of professional engineering and analysis experience. He has worked with numerous manufacturers and retailers in building effective supply chain solutions including network design, freight optimization, benchmarking, and competitive bidding. Mohammed was Director of Engineering with a lead provider of transportation, logistics, and technology solutions where he worked closely with clients in developing supply chain solutions utilizing best in class optimization applications and processes for the design and implementation of continuous ROI programs.